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Cypriot Mortgages

All of the main UK high street banks will have an international mortgage service. However, you will need to find out which countries they operate in.

Banks tend to provide mortgages for purchases in countries where they have offices. While getting a mortgage in established overseas property markets, such as France or Spain, might be simple, it may be trickier in other countries.

You should also bear in mind that, although the mortgage may be set up through the UK bank, you would be dealing with the foreign arm of the bank once the mortgage was arranged.

Another option is to arrange your overseas mortgage abroad. This can be made possible via an overseas lender using a specialist broker. is one such broker and we can provide you with information, including a list of estate agents or lawyers to use in your chosen country.

Some areas of the eurozone have far lower mortgage rates than the UK, especially in established property markets with a wide range of mortgage providers. This means that you may get a better deal by borrowing abroad. We can help guide you through your options and get you the best deal.

Deposits on overseas property Deposits needed for overseas mortgages tend to be higher than you'd need for a standard UK mortgage. For example, in Spain, it's common for overseas buyers to pay 30%-40% of the property price as a deposit.

We’ll do all the work for you, guiding you through the process in a professional, experienced manner. So, enquire today about your European Mortgage.

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